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    Twitter Updates

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      I have an Ocean rowing boat due to row the aruond Britain race in 2013. Has everything needed accept life raft and hand held radios but has fixed radio/GPS/Watermaker/solar panels/4 sets of oars etc etc. Will rent for 3k for the 3 months. Two place rowing with foot steering on both stations and cabin big enough for two so would take 4 adults. , Kept Aberdeen/


      Hey Naomi,I hope you haven't driven the other boys cmlopetely insane yet and use your abundant free time on the ocean to practise your card game skills Your Kirkwood 49ers are all behind you and checking the internet every day. Good luck with the final part, although I know you won't need it!Come back home safely, there are a lot of bread crumbs waiting to be removed big hug from Marina, too

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